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29 Rotary Telescopic Forklift HNTR4015
29 Rotary Telescopic Forklift HNTR4015
Rotary Telescopic Forklift HNTR4015 is a multi-purpose forklift with off-road performance and telescopic arms. It is a rotary telescopic forklift suitable for the construction industry and certain industrial fields. It is the first series in China. HNTR4015 is driven by a diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission, pilot control, front-wheel full-drive rear-wheel steering, with auxiliary support legs, hydraulically balanced drop arm and telescopic belt, lifting height 15 meters, load capacity 4.0 tons, body rotation 360°. It can be maximum extended forward by 10,500mm (the distance from the front end of the front wheel to the center of the load), and it can be used as a telescopic forklift, crane or work platform as required.
30 Rotary Telescopic Forklift HNTR4015
30 Rotary Telescopic Forklift HNTR4015

Main Applications:

  • Tunnel construction: hoisting the arch frame. The aerial work platform is equipped with an arch manipulator. The arch manipulator can firmly grasp the arch frame. The telescopic forklift can be extended and retracted to adjust the distance and height. At the same time, the accurate positioning of the workpiece can be achieved through the swing cylinder of the manipulator itself.
  • Construction site: unloading and short-distance transportation of building materials, direct delivery of building materials to the operation site, or feeding of car cranes and tower cranes; handling of various materials on the site and cleaning of the site; use of aerial work platforms for high-altitude installation; use of glass suction cups to install curtain walls and so on.
  • Ports and industrial enterprises: loading and unpacking pallet materials in containers; loading and unloading, palletizing and short-distance transportation of various types of consolidated materials.
  • Agriculture and animal husbandry: handling of straw bales and straw in the pasture, forage feeding, and garbage cleaning.
  • Municipal and firefighting: Use high-altitude platforms for municipal operations, firefighting, etc.

31 Rotary Telescopic Forklift HNTR4015

31 Rotary Telescopic Forklift HNTR4015


1. HNTR4015 is a multi-purpose forklift with telescopic arms with off-road performance. It is equipped with three-section boom, the body rotates 360°, the maximum lift is 15m, the maximum load is 4000kgf, and the maximum reach is 10,500mm.
2. Adopting Dongfeng Cummins III turbocharged diesel engine, high pressure common rail fuel system, strong power, energy saving and environmental protection, meeting the requirements of efficient operation.
3. The power system is equipped with an air-to-air cooling radiator to reduce the temperature of the intake air of the engine, increase the amount of intake air, and increase the power of the engine.
4. Using static pressure transmission technology, it has good automatic adaptability and maneuverability; all adopt well-known brands such as hydraulic pumps, main valves, hydraulic motors, swing motors, central swivel joints, hydraulic cylinders, and pilot control valves.
5. The full hydraulic load sensing steering system is adopted, the turning radius of the rear steering axle is small, and the steering is light and flexible.
6. The hydraulic system is equipped with oil return radiator and back pressure protection device to ensure the heat balance of the whole machine.
7. The hydraulic balance valve is used to control the speed limit of the lowering arm and the extension, preventing the weight from falling out of control; the front and rear outriggers are controlled by hydraulic locks to ensure that the outriggers are reliably locked and prevent "soft legs" during lifting operations, or the outriggers fall by themselves during driving.
8. The diesel engine is placed on the lower frame, the rotary platform rotates 360°, and the oil, electricity, and gas lines are seamlessly connected up and down through the central rotary joint.
9. It adopts front-wheel drive, rigid suspension, and rear axle steering structure. The front axle spiral bevel gear and the wheel side planetary gear decelerate and increase the torque, which has a large load capacity and a long service life; the rear axle adopts a horizontal hydraulic cylinder steering mechanism. The steering bridge has a compact structure and a steering angle of up to 40°, which is beneficial to reduce steering resistance, reduce tire wear and improve ride comfort.
10. It adopts L-shaped box-shaped slewing platform and heavy-duty slewing support, with large carrying capacity and resistance to strong external shocks.
11. The use of a long wheelbase, box-shaped frame can provide good rigidity and strength to ensure the high reliability of the forklift chassis.
12. The operating device is a three-section box-type telescopic work arm. The telescopic arm adopts a large-section, high-strength box-type structure to meet the requirements of heavy-duty operations.
13. Cascade high-strength forks are used, which are stronger, more wear-resistant, and can double their life.
14. Adopt four caliper disc brakes, rear air storage tank, 18 times the brake air pressure, faster heat dissipation, reliable and safe braking.
15. Adopt block-shaped deepened heavy-duty forklift tires, and the rear steering axle can swing around the center, which has good traction and passing performance.
16. Adopting adjustable steering gear, aviation seat, pilot valve control distribution valve and working device oil circuit, the operation is light and flexible, and the sitting feeling is more comfortable.
17. The use of domestic high-quality electrical components, maintenance-free batteries, and the use of anti-flame retardant materials, reliable and durable work; the cab is equipped with a fan, radio, air conditioning, and reversing buzzer.
18. Multifunctional LCD monitor, which can comprehensively monitor the working status of the engine (speed, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, water level, etc.).
19. The overall shape of the machine is atmospheric, beautiful and smooth; the luxurious wide-view cab, equipped with skylights, has low noise and good airtightness, which is convenient for the driver to observe around.
20. Standard models are equipped with forks, aerial work platforms and arch manipulators, which are widely used in tunnels, ports, construction sites, industrial enterprises, agriculture and animal husbandry, municipal fire protection and other occasions for loading and unloading, stacking, short-distance transportation and high-altitude operations .

Performance Technical Data Performance Technical Data
Basic Parameters Max. Lifting Height (with Outriggers) 15m Steering System Steering Gear Type Load Sensing Full Hydraulic Steering
Rated Carrying Capacity (Lifting Capacity) 4,000kgs Pressure 16MPa
Max. Horizontal Reach 10.5m Rear Axle Steering Type Horizontal Hydraulic Cylinder Type Steering Mechanism
Rated Load (with Outriggers) @ Max. Horizontal Reach 800kgs Steering Angle 40°
Load Center Distance 500mm Brake Method Service Brake Caliper-Disc Brake
Machine Weight (with Forks without Load) 16,000kgs Brake Air Pressure 0.684-0.785MPa
Max. Travel Speed 28km/h Parking Brake Air Push Drum Brake
Swing Speed 3rpm(1500rpm) Main Dimensions Overall Height 3513mm
Transmission System Transmission Method   Overall Width 2550mm
Hydraulic (High Speed/Low Speed)   Machine Length (with Forks) 7638mm
Gearbox Position   Axises Distance 2800mm
Gradeability   Front Wheels Distance 2030mm
Traction Force   Rear Wheels Distance 2030mm
System Capacity Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity   Ground Clearance (Outriggers) 340mm
Fuel Tank Capacity   Turning Radius (Outside) ≥5800mm
Engine Model   Driving Position Central  
Rated Power   Seating Style Car Type  
Torque   Aerial Working Platform Length x Width x Height 1200 x 800 x 970mm
Fuel Type   Outriggers Type Number of Hydraulic Outtriggers Front 2 Rear 2 (2F/2R)
Emission Standard   Working Boom Arm Telescopic Working Boom Arm Three Level (3-Setion)
Intake Air Cooling   Fork Length x Width x Thickness 1000 x 122 x 50mm
Hydraulic System Pressure   Max. Distance between Two Forks 710mm
Flow   Forward/Backward Tilt Angle 12°/120°
      Standard Tire (inflatable) (Front/Rear) Wheels number 2/2
      (Front/Rear) Driving Wheels Number 2/0
      (Front/Rear) Tire Sizes 45x16-20 (36PR)

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